Today, June 4th we begin reading about our first Sacrament during the Daily Catholic Catechism: Baptism. It's an extremely important subject. 

What is baptism? What does it actually do? What does it symbolize? How does it fit in? Who can perform it? How is it performed? Can it be done more than once? When in life can it be done? 

All of these are questions the church has struggled with and answered over the centuries and we will learn the answers in these next few days. A study of this subject and a reflection on these essential questions highlights the importance of the Church and it's authority. Baptism is important in the economy of salvation as Jesus has clearly said in Matthew 28:19-20, but the scriptures do not explicitly answer all of these questions - scripture must be interpreted somehow by someone.

Also we are getting preciously close to the third Sacrament: the Sacrament of the Eucharist!! That will be started on June 18th. Here's a picture of the Eucharist that I took a few years ago and now use for the cover art for the podcast:


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