I was recently lent this awesome talk by Patrick Madrid called, "Why I am Catholic When I Could Be Anything Else". It's a really really good talk. You can get it here. One of my favorite parts was he was discussing 'defending the Catholic Church' and he said something like,  defending the Catholic Church is like defending a Lion, it will defend itself, you just have to let it out of its cage. I love that image, and it made me think of my podcast as one way of letting that lion of truth out. Once the truth is out it's fairly hard to deny.

I was very humbled and honored looking at some of the iTunes reviews for the podcast. Thank you to all who have reviewed so far and left comments!

Finally I just wanted to note that today the Cardinals are starting the Conclave to elect our new Pope. Let us pray for the Cardinals! I recommend this site called Adopt a Cardinal for a specific one to pray for. I got Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Germany. God Bless!



Lorraine Journeaux Graham
03/21/2013 6:58am

Thank you for your podcast, I have been meaning to read the catechism for some time now but have not had the time being busy with work and family.

I am presently going through a very difficult and unsure time regarding my empolyment after 24 years of sevice. I have been praying to be as honest as possible in my faith in this year of faith.

Your podcast are a blessing to me as I can listen and reflect and search for Gods grace.

God bless you and your Family


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